Welcome to FCC Riverside

First Congregational Church is a historic church with a world class building, but we are also a very active community of non-doctrinal Christians on the cutting edge of progressive Christianity. We are very involved in our community where we are a strong voice for social justice. We not only tolerate diversity, we celebrate it. No matter your race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, family structure, physical and mental health, social and economic circumstance, and faith journey, you will find a warm welcome at FCC.

MISSION STATEMENT:  In response to the boundless grace of God in Christ, we are an extravagantly inclusive community called together to comfort and challenge one another, educate and empower one another, inspire and respect one another and in all things to love one another, so that we might be bearers of God’s image in this world. We share a faith that is not oppressive but liberating, not guilt-ridden but healing, not rigid but questioning, not crippling but empowering and a calling to use our gifts in such a way that we are a force for goodness, justice, equality, and peace.

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