Dickens Festival

The church participates in Riverside’s annual Dickens Festival generally held in February and often on the streets outside the church. Our contribution to the Royal Victorian Music Hall and Queen’s Tea. Volunteers work all year to plan and participate in one of our church’s bigger fundraisers.
This has been one of best attended and enjoyed events at the Riverside Dickens Festival for years. Guests will be served a “high tea” complete with our world famous, authentic fresh English scones, real English tea, finger sandwiches… (a real meal!), all while enjoying an original musical comedy! It’s sixty minutes of fun for the whole family. Don’t be late! (or you might be confused) doors open 30 minutes prior.

Prepare to have your eyebrows raised, your funny bones tickled, and your bellies filled as the Royal Victorian Tea Room presents another chapter of our musical comedy.  Written, directed and starring Christopher Marsh as the Music Hall host, Mr. Treacle.  He and his troupe have been delighting Festival audiences with their uniquely Dickensian romp for eight years.  Freshly baked real English scones, sandwiches, and other high tea delicacies are included of course.  Even the tea gets rave reviews!

The Basement at FCC is transformed to a semblance of the Queen’s favorite venue for light entertainment and repast (with seating for 80 guests). The multi-talented Christopher Marsh (aka Mr. Treacle) writes and directs a completely new Dickensian farce each year to elicit belly laughs from even the most staid of the British upper crust. The cast of characters (the histrionic diva, the imperious proprietor, the sardonic manager, the uptight baritone, the superstitious superintendent and unwitting interlopers) unerringly whip tempests into the abundant teapots amid original songs hilarious to heartbreaking. The cast, in addition to the estimable Mr. Marsh, includes local comic Donita Smith, baritone Walt Bradley and Riverside’s Troubadour Terry Boyles.


There are many opportunities to get involved. Before the event we need people to distribute flyers, make donations of food, set up the space, and prepare food. During the event we need ticket takers, tour guides, kitchen help, and servers (we’re hoping to get many of the youth to be costumed servers). After the event we need a fresh crew of people to come and clean up. There will be a sign up sheet for volunteers, as well as for food donations, in the coffee hour room every Sunday. If you would like to look at the specific list of jobs and times or need more info, please contact the Dickens Tea Committee.


If you or a friend are looking to advertise a business, we have a great value for advertising in our Dickens Tea program!  Prices are: $75 full page, $50-1/2 page and $30 for a 1/4 page size.  If you are interested in reserving a spot, please email or call the office at (951) 684-2494, to request an invoice.  Artwork must be emailed by 2/10 to fccoutlookonline@gmail.com