Traditional Service

In efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, First Congregational Church of Riverside will be holding online services until further notice.  Please visit our LIVE page for more information. 

What to expect in morning worship

We worship every Sunday morning at 10AM in our beautiful sanctuary

We know coming to a new church can be nerve-wracking. If you are coming to FCC for the first time, hopefully the FAQ’s below will make the experience more comfortable.

What should I wear? 

Our congregation is diverse in many ways, including how people dress. You will see some folk in sport jackets and dresses, but you will also see people in shorts, T-shirts, and flip flops. Please wear whatever makes you most comfortable.

Where do I park? 

The church is located on the corner of Mission Inn and Lemon. There is street parking available adjacent to the church as well as two public (free on Sundays!) parking lots on Lemon Street between University and Mission Inn. The entrance to our small private church lot is on Lemon Street between our Parish House and the Church; we reserve this lot on Sunday mornings for those who need to be close to the entrance, including those who require an accessible entrance.

Is the Church Building Accessible? 

The sanctuary and main level of the church are entirely accessible, including a handicap accessible bathroom.

Who attends worship at FCC?

Our church is diverse in many ways and this is something that we as a community value highly. Seated in our sanctuary you are likely to see people of difference races, classes, abilities, sexual orientations and gender identifications, couples and singles. We really do mean it when we say, “ALL are welcome at FCC.”

What is the worship service like?

Our worship has a traditional style, but you will also find creativity, and flexibility in the service. As you enter the sanctuary you will be handed a “bulletin” that will lead your through the service. (Note: Sometimes in our bulletin you will see words like “doxology” or “benediction” that are never used outside a church. We use these words because they help us connect to the Christians through time. However, we know they are dated and probably a little confusing. If you ever wonder what a word means, just ask!) Included in the service are guided, silent, and participatory prayers. Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month and the communion table is open to all people at our church…ALL…no exceptions.

What kind of music will I hear?

We have both a magnificent organ and a piano. Like the community gathered, our music is diverse. It includes instrumentals, a choir, and the singing of hymns.

What about a sermon? 

While we might all have different understanding of what the Scriptures mean to our faith, as a Christian community we find it essential to engage with our holy texts every time we gather. Every Sunday at least one text is read from the Bible and one of our pastors then brings a message that seeks to make that ancient text relevant to our modern lives.

What do the kids do on Sunday morning? 

Children of all ages are always welcome to stay in the sanctuary with their grown-up/s for the entire worship service. However, there is also a staffed nursery for children up through age 3 and there is a moment about 15 minutes into our service when children and youth up through grade 8 may leave for Sunday School. On the first Sundays of the month Sunday School begins right at 10AM and the children and youth come back into the service to join us for communion.

What happens after the service is over? 

At the end of the service the pastor reminds the congregation that we are called to be Christ’s body in this world and offers a final blessing on the congregation. (That’s called the “benediction.”) However, before heading out you are invited to linger over coffee and snacks…to greet old friends or make new ones. Please consider staying for Coffee Hour. That’s how we can begin to get to know you!